We aim to provide the integrated cycle of services for your largest or smallest projects, starting from design to manufacture and then installation with the provision of wood and necessary equipment, effectiveness in terms of material cost, high quality and great keenness to provide excellent service to customers

For over 50 years home builders, contractors, interior designers, and industry professionals have relied on us to provide high quality wood and building materials. A steady flow of raw materials from our vast network of suppliers allows us the flexibility to forecast and meet market demands by having the right product at the right place in the right time at the right price.

We carry all wood products ranges, types and varieties to meet the different demands of our customers‘segments. As the industry grew more complex, we have evolved into specialty divisions and companies.

We work with a variety of materials including plywood (Southern Yellow Pine & Russian Birch), industrial dimensional lumber, MDF (medium density fibreboard), particle board, hardboard, TFM (thermal fused Melamine) and OSB (oriented strand board) to produce custom wood products and components to your specifications.

We produce both short run and full production quantities. Typical products include but are not limited to custom shipping crates, skids, boxes, pallets, end boards, core plugs, reels and flanges, cabinet components, point of-purchase display components, structural furniture components and printing industry bundle boards.

We have a large set of tools and the number of hardware for carrying out all woodwork and decoration, such as door equipment, cabinet accessories, drawer equipment, hinges, electrical tools, woodworking tools, electric saws and accessories in addition to many other products.

We are CARE to provide thousands of items and ready-made parts in our warehouse so that we can meet various requests .

Venus Factory

We established “Venus” our advanced production and carpentry sister company to produce high quality products in a timely fashion. This enabled us to realize our vision as a one stop shop for corporation and individuals who require a multitude of carpentry and wood work products to be delivered. Our investment in talented experts, systems and equipment has paid off. Now we are capable of handling multiple projects without compromising the quality of the final products. Our factory engineering team is backed up on the floor by 100 technicians, operators, skilled labour and quality controllers.

Our latest technologies and software that we ensue to produce our tailored designs are produced in 2D,3D and Cinema 4D, AutoCAD, Photoshop. Whether you need a photo-realistic 3D architectural render to gain planning permission for a new build, or a custom 3D product model designed to accurately demonstrate a complex product, our expert 3D visualizes can bring your project concepts to life.
With a proven track record of providing innovative3D visualization services for industry, CADS 3Dteam will create an image or animation to address your brief.